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Alleged Gas Leak At Yulleroo 2 Reveals Damaged Valve Stem

Yulleroo gas leak

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has investigated allegations of a gas leak at Buru Energy’s Yulleroo 2 gas well in the Kimberley.

DMP Executive Director Petroleum Jeff Haworth said that Dangerous Goods inspectors travelled to the Yulleroo 2 well on 7 January to investigate the alleged gas leak at the site.

“No gas readings were detected on the site initially, however the inspection revealed there is some physical damage to a valve stem, which has been bent and, when manipulated is the source of a minor gas leak,” Mr Haworth explained.

“Low level gas readings were detected around the well when the damaged valve was manipulated but the levels are below the Lower Explosive Limit for methane.

“The minor gas leak poses minimal risk and the valve was not leaking when the DMP officers departed. The valve will be replaced as quickly as possible.”

It appears at this stage that there has been no normal equipment or process failure by the company.

“The damage presents a serious concern if a third party has been involved,” Mr Haworth said.

“In light of the serious nature of the damage involved, the department will be investigating further.”

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  • When the whistleblowers shared their visual evidence of very dangerous levels of methane gas leaking at Buru Energy’s Yulleroo 2 well-site, it was surprising but not unexpected that they would be doubted by government departments, tarnished by the media, accursed of criminal acts by the operator and investigated by the police.

    Its was a strategy designed to shift the attention away from the real issues of a major methane & radon leak and the Department of Mines and Petroleum failure to undertake regular compliance monitoring of Buru Energy’s Yulleroo well sites as described under the Mining Act 1978.

    Compliance and enforcement is crucially very importance in ensuring community confidence in the regulations and approvals process. This issue has been raised in recent reviews, including the Office of Auditor General’s Report and DMP’s mining securities system. The EPA’s submission to WA Parliament Inquiry into fracking called for through transparent and open communication, by both regulators and proponents.

    The lack of well integrity and other outstanding environmental issues of Buru Energy’s & Mitsubishi in Yulleroo were first raised in April 2013 to the Department Environment Regulations. These issues were highlighted in a Peered Report in January 2014 prepared for the Yawuru Corporation and in correspondence from DMP’s to Buru obtained under freedom of Information. Many questions have also been raised in Parliament about Buru’s numerous environmental impacts management failures.

    This serious gas leak has nothing to do with a so called sabotaged value, its about the whole well structural integrity, the quality of the casting and the reliability of the cerement cap. Bringing into question all of Buru Energy’s & Mitsubishi well sites across the Kimberley region and DMP ability to regulate.

    Major works at Yulleroo site have been undertaken to stop this leakage. However, the question remains how can the public be assured that there has been no groundwater contamination of aquifers as a result of these failed poorly constructed wells?

    Buru Energy has plans to continue fracking in our Roebuck Wetlands, our water catchment bowl directly and interdependently linked to our ground water and our RAMAR listed Roebuck Bay. Until there is a complete and through Independent Well Integrity Verification of all of Buru Energy’s & Mitsubishi wells, their current proposed fracking regime within the Canning Basin needs to be halted.

    Regards Louise Middleton

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