AMSJ » Australia’s most iconic and loved work boot brand powers into 2022

Australia’s most iconic and loved work boot brand powers into 2022

Blundstone lead the way in design and innovation as well as corporate and community initiatives.

Blundstone, Australia’s most iconic and loved work boot brand continue their market leadership in 2022 with strategic goals incorporating thoughtful and innovative projects, the launch of innovative boot designs, and a continued emphasis on inclusivity and “giving forward” to new generations.

Despite yet another challenging year in 2021, Blundstone continues to go from strength to strength. With joint-CEOs Adam Blake and Darryl Wilkes now comfortably embedded in their roles, the business has set forward a new five-year plan to meet its strategic goals and continue to be a market leader in footwear both in Australia and on a global stage.

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“In 2022 Blundstone remains the market leader in best in class Work and Safety boots. Our long legacy of quality, craftsmanship and expert service held us in good stead for the second year of the pandemic, and we’re pleased to see the strength of our brand and products continue in our 152nd year. As always, we remain grateful for our teams both here and across the world who allow us to take such world-leading products to market and of course to our loyal customers and consumers who put their trust in us each day on sites all across Australia. We’re proud to be a boot of choice for those who work hard across our nation, and look forward to the year ahead and the new products on the horizon,” says Adrian Blandford, Blundstone’s Global Work & Safety Range Manager.

2021 was also a significant step forward for the transparency of the brand with the release of the “Every Step Better” program—Blundstone’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. As a company with a long history steeped in strong family-based values and a dedication to craftsmanship and fit for purpose products, “Every Step Better” encapsulates Blundstone’s commitment to ethical and responsible business management and outlines how the brand proactively manages and reduces its global impact today, and for future generations. 

The program is centred around the belief that it is essential to document, evaluate and openly report standards and continuous improvement, to demonstrate the responsible growth of the business. This process encapsulates the entire value chain, from the maker of Blundstone’s elastics in Mexico to their freight forwarder in Japan.

“Every Step Better is a whole-of-business approach and brings together all elements of our work right through our value chain to distributors, as well as the materials we use and how we go about product innovation,” says Blundstone joint-CEO Adam Blake.

“Importantly, it also flows right through our culture, how we work together and how we work within our communities.”

While the program has evolved substantially over the past decade, Blundstone joint-CEO Darryl Wilkes acknowledges that there will always be room for improvement.

“We’re committed to proactively managing and reducing our impact today and for future generations. We acknowledge our journey as a responsible brand is ongoing—never-ending in fact—but Blundstone would not be here today if we had stood still and if we hadn’t continued to adapt, innovate and change.”

The brand’s ethical and responsible business practices are based on ‘doing the right thing’, these practices have evolved and expanded – just like the brand itself, which is now distributed in six continents and over 70 countries – into the “Every Step Better” program.  

2022 will also mark Blundstone’s second year partnering with the Pinnacle Foundation. This partnership provides financial support for Australian LGBTIQ+ students by providing scholarships and mentors to encourage, counsel and inspire students during their young adulthood.

The Pinnacle Foundation awards national multi-year scholarships to students who identify as LGBTIQ+ aged between 18 and 26 years old. The scholarships support full-time study at public higher education institutions in Australia to achieve educational or vocational qualifications in any profession, trade or the arts. Each Pinnacle scholar is carefully matched with a mentor who will typically share the same academic and professional interests, gender identity and sexual orientation.

The three-year commitment with The Pinnacle Foundation and LGBTQI+ youth is underpinned by Blundstone’s commitment to “giving forward” to offer future generations every possible opportunity to succeed.

And it’s not just in the area of CSR that Blundstone continues to be a step ahead. the brand’s iconic designs—with all the mod cons required by today’s tradies and workers—cater for every job, big and small. A rich and proud legacy of quality and craftsmanship saw Blundstone launch seven new styles in 2021 with more to come in 2022. 

New safety boot styles launched in 2021 include:

 Women’s specific boots such as;

  • #883 – Lightweight yet mighty, this safety jogger is designed and made for women on the move.
  • #887 – This Women’s hiker-style boot combines a composite toe cap with soft underfoot cushioning for all-day comfort.

Premium safety styles;

  • #984 – With all Blundstone’s premium safety and comfort features in one sleek stone package, this zip side boot is an instant best-seller.
  • #989 – A heavy industrial pedigree makes this convenient, elastic side boot an instant classic in Blundstone’s iconic wheat colour.

New all-purpose safety range ideal for all-day, everyday wear;

  • #243 – The ultimate crew boot, this low-cut, wheat boot combines all the cushioning and safety you know and love from Blundstone.
  • #322 – Give boot polish the flick with this innovative boot and its microfibre upper. Black is always the new black.
  • #325 – Low cut but full of safety and comfort features, this is a boot for every tradie. The on-trend stone colour is just a bonus.

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About Blundstone
Blundstone is the original work boot that you can be confident will protect you because it is fit for purpose. An Australian icon since 1870, the brand is synonymous with quality design and craftsmanship, supreme comfort, and superior protection.

Blundstone is committed to corporate social responsibility, with the Every Step Better program,—encapsulating their ongoing commitment to people, product and the planet. Endorsed to ISO:9001, an unwavering commitment to quality has seen them grow into a global business, worn and loved in over 70 countries worldwide, while remaining firmly headquartered in Hobart, Tasmania.
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About XRD®Technology
XRD®Technology provides supreme and repeated impact protection by absorbing up to 90% of energy with every step taken. This feature changes the level of performance, comfort and confidence for the wearer and reduces fatigue and orthopaedic issues. 

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