AMSJ » Blast Movement Technologies introduces a drone-based detector

Blast Movement Technologies introduces a drone-based detector

Blast movement technologies introduces drone based technology

Blast Movement Technologies continues to lead the blast movement industry to the forefront of automation, adapting to the growing demand for mining digitisation.  

Blast Movement Technologies has now introduced its much anticipated Flight Enabled Detector (FED). This Unmanned Semi-Autonomous Vehicle can fly over a muck-pile, detecting the BMM (Blast Movement Monitor) locations post-blast, our advanced technology is now in the sky … for greater benefits on the ground.

BMT, an Australian based company, has consistently proven its position as the leader in its field and boasts a growing global footprint. Having already won multiple awards, including the prestigious induction into the Australian Export Hall of Fame in 2018 and, most recently shortlisted for the International Mining Journal Awards 2019, under Best New Technical Study.

“Our growth has become a result of, not only, delivering an effective solution to the mining market but also building a team that supports our customers every step of the way”

BMT CEO, Jacques Janse.

“We are mindful of how valuable natural resources are and by incorporating the BMM system, customers can maximise ore recovery and profitability whilst reducing waste. Our team of consultants, based in 5 different continents, understand this value proposition and work with each mine to ensure the best possible outcome”.

The Flight Enabled Detector (FED) is BMT’s latest development. The FED is a drone-based on the DJI Matrice M600Pro platform, fitted with a unique BMM detector and accurate GPS to find and report the position of BMM’s.


The FED is an alternative detector for mines that either do not allow or prefer not to use mine personnel to walk the post-blast muck pile.  The use of this semi-autonomous vehicle to retrieve the movement data resolves a variety of safety and environmental considerations and in many cases allows for faster access and a broader range of data acquisition following the blast stand-off period.  

Thus implementation of the FED allows for the safe, swift and efficient retrieval of more in-depth data post-blast, critical parameters that are paramount at any mine site. “In only a short period of time, we have helped more than 117 customers in 39 countries get more from every ore blast. Our solution works in open-pit mines, across a range of geologies and commodities. The addition of the FED introduces a new level of safety and accuracy that will benefit the mine site on many levels both now and in the future ” adds Jacques Janse.

The FED’s upcoming commercial availability is a solution to address customer feedback that BMT regularly seeks out and review; reiterating the commitment towards their corporate values: customer focus, innovation, safety and creating value.     Ongoing innovation frames the companies short and long term strategies with continued plans to improve on both hardware and software product offerings, so stay tuned … more major announcement are to follow in 2020!

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