Covers emerging issues in mining health and safety

malware worker safety

Malware can impact human lives and worker safety

When we think malware or ransomware, we tend to think about dollars rather than human lives or safety. We tend to imagine the worst that can happen is a loss of money. Researchers recently found...

strata hazardavert proximity detection in underground coal mine

Strata’s HazardAvert system keeps safety on target

Of all the technology developed over mining’s history for safety, and even more specifically the safety of workers performing tasks around heavy machinery on an everyday basis, one of the most recent...

rio tinto innovative company

Rio Tinto joins world’s top innovators list

Rio Tinto has joined the list of the worlds most innovative companies according to leading consulting company Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Through Rio Tinto’s strategic focus on AI platforms...

mining artificial intelligence

Mining artificial intelligence group launched in WA

A mining artificial intelligence group has been launched in Australia with a view to examining the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in mining. The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG)...

procedures for safely removing PPE like safety glasses, goggles, coveralls, respirators

Advanced Automation to reduce Workplace Injuries

Automation and robots will make work safer and reduce workplace injury in Australia over the next 20 years, as revealed in a joint study by Safe Work Australia and CSIRO’s data innovation group...

Workplace culture and treating employees with dignity

Bad blood in the workplace | Healthy workplace culture

Everyone has the right to feel physically and emotionally safe in a workplace culture, and workers aren’t the only ones that benefit from a stable environment, Mental Illness Fellowship of...