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Automation and Robotics

Amira Global welcomes $20m robotics funding

Amira Global has welcomed a $20 million investment by the West Australian government into the development of a robotics and automation test facility and precinct at Neerabup, north of Perth. The...

mining industry Transforming

Mining 4.0: How Technology is Transforming an Industry

Digitalisation: From Pit to Port In the mining industry, digitalization allows workers located thousands of kilometers – potentially continents – away to remotely control the movement of raw material...

lac des iles

Underground fatality at Lac des Iles Mine

A New Brunswick mining contractor died 27th May 2020 at Impala’s Lac des Iles Mine (LDI), northwest of Thunder Bay. The Ontario Provincial Police’s (OPP)Thunder Bay detachment reports...

mining exoskeleton will improve work safety in the mining industry

Exoskeleton for miners of the future

A new commercially available exoskeleton could equip miners to safely lift and manipulate weights of up to 90kg all day without risk of injury. While it sounds like a future of mining concept or a...

Mining Automation displacing workers

Thoughts on automation displacing workers

The recent moves by miners to automate mining equipment through technology has created significant debate among mineworkers regarding the loss of jobs and the impacts on regional communities...

safety data intelligence

Safety data intelligence

HIMA has developed a solution based on the tried-and-tested HART communication protocol, enhancing it with security measures compliant with SIL 3. It is the foundation of what experts call ‘safety...

mike Henry talking on innovation to improve safety

BHP’s Mike Henry talks up technology

Mike Henry, BHPs CEO elect has reinforced the importance of the application of mining technologies to improve the sector from a range of perspectives including mining safety. Speaking at last...

FIFO worker murder

FIFO Worker accused of murder named

UPDATED: A FIFO worker accused of murdering his colleague at a Western Australian mine has been remanded in custody to appear in Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on November 27. Troy Adam Hausler...