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cyber incidents at industrial plants are on the rise

Cyber incidents targeting industrial systems

In recent times, the number of cyber incidents occurring around industrial systems and operational technology has been rising – with well-publicized reports of malware and threat actors causing...

Industrial cyber threats attacks

Industrial cyber threats

Attacks in the Digital Age: Industrial Cyber threats can impact safety systems and affect workers. It was unique, dangerous, and for a long time, unknown. The computer worm Stuxnet began its story as...

Future of mining and mining robots. What will they look like

The Future Of Mining

With driverless trucks, the Internet of Things, and automation creating a safer and more futuristic industry, AMSJ chats to QUT Professor of Robotics Jonathan Roberts about the future of mining...

Productivity before safety - do we justify our actions in light of risks

Do mining companies put productivity before safety?

Some time ago we interviewed Professor Sidney Dekker (one of Australia’s Safety Thought Leaders) on his thoughts about whether mining companies put productivity before safety. This is what he...

BHP autonomous fleet - autonomous haul truck in th ePilbrara

BHP autonomous haul truck fleet could top 500

BHP autonomous haul truck fleet could top 500 within the next four years to improve safety and productivity, according to BHP’s Chief Financial Officer. In a presentation to investors last week...

mining technology security

Mining technology security risks

Mining technology security risks are ever present and the increasing prevalence of IIoT hacking event should focus our attention on ensuring our invisible systems don’t or can’t harm...

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