AMSJ » Resources multinational ramps up ‘technologically advanced’ $3B mine

Resources multinational ramps up ‘technologically advanced’ $3B mine

Komatsu driverless trucks
Dump truck

A mining giant will lift production at its cutting-edge operation.

Rio Tinto recently confirmed it would keep ramping up its $3.1 billion Koodaideri (Gudai-Darri) mine, 301km south of Port Hedland.

The proponent plans to invest US$70 million (A$130M) in increasing capacity by 16 per cent to 50 million tonnes per annum.

Planned works include various plant upgrades including chutes, conveyor belts, product stockyards and an incremental crushing and screening facility. New haul trucks and diggers will also be required.

“What we have learnt during the rapid ramp-up of Gudai-Darri has given us the confidence to find better ways to increase capacity at our newest and most technologically advanced mine,” Rio iron ore managing firector of Pilbara mines Matthew Holcz said in a public statement.

“Rather than taking a capital-intensive approach to replicate existing infrastructure, we have now identified a low-capital pathway to creep capacity to 50Mt a year.”

The mine already has 26 CAT 793F autonomous haul trucks, three CAT MD6310, two MD6250 autonomous drills, Caterpillar driverless water carts, AutoHaul heavy rail technology and a rotable bucketwheel reclaimer.

Environmental, heritage and other relevant approvals were still being obtained at the time of publication.

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