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4 Ways to Look After Your Mining Colleagues

Being in the mining and resources industry, there is doubt you have heard about, spoken about or even experienced first-hand, the dangers the industry has on your mental health.


Mental health is something that everyone who works in mining should be aware of. Whether your own, or someone else’s mental health, chances are you will be affected in some way in your time in the...

Major Health Issues Associated With FIFO

With FIFO culture comes a range of health issues. FIFO workers work long shifts and experience isolation as they work away from their families and friends.

FIFO and the effects on family life

As a FIFO worker, if you’re reading this, you will probably understand all about the frustrations, lack of control over your life, sleep disturbance, stress,  feeling lonely or socially...

Amy Douglas-Martens WA Department Mines

Mental health a priority for new mine inspector

Mental health and wellbeing will be high on the agenda for the latest mine inspector at Western Australia’s Department of Mines and Petroleum. Amy Douglas-Martens (pictured right) was recently...

How to persuade FIFO workers to live locally

by Riccardo Welters, Associate Professor at the College of Business, Law & Governance in James Cook University; and Christopher Nicholas, PhD Student in Resource and Labour Economics at James...

Waiting for the axe to fall

Waiting for the axe to fall

Uncertainty is a crippling and debilitating thing, and sadly these days many people are finding themselves in exactly that state in the workplace, Mental Illness Fellowship of Queensland’s Tony...

lost at sea

Lost at sea

In an act of courage powered by a desperate plee for change, marine superintendent Jason Tulipan shares the story of how his mental illness caused him to lose everything and find rock bottom, and how...