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Hexagon mining

Hexagon mining | Safety added to portfolio

Hexagon Mining division today introduced HxGN MineEnterprise CAS Analytics, a web-based reporting and analytics platform that adds a powerful layer of safety to its portfolio. MineEnterprise CAS...

mining equipment lighting

Mining equipment lighting to identify danger zones

SPONSORED CONTENT US based speciality lighting company, Phoenix has recently introduced new mining equipment lighting to bring a new level of safety to mine sites worldwide with its newest product –...

drones to improve safety

Drones to improve safety at Australian Mines

An Israeli automated drone startup Airobotics is focusing a range of operations on Australian mines sites and hopes to use its’ drones to improve safety and operations.  Airobotics’ drone...

transporting used batteries

Transporting used batteries | Understanding the risks

Transporting used batteries can present a range of risks to mining operators, transport providers and those involved in chain of responsibility. David Bush is our guest author and is the General...


Five Liebherr T282C trucks arrive at Peak Downs

Managing one truck move safely and efficiently is, at the best of times is a challenge, but a heavy haulage company has managed to safely move five new Ultra-Class Liebherr T282C Dump Trucks to...

mine lighting

LED mine lighting systems improve safety

Ensuring adequate mine lighting in an underground and surface environments is known to minimise risks associated with a range of hazards to mine workers. Low light increases depth perception an...

mine safety inspection

Mine safety inspection just got easier

Pervidi’s Mine Safety Inspection Solution is built with functionality specifically designed for the mining industry. With each and every mining site unique in layout and in composition, the company...

mining safety lighting

Unpowered mining safety lighting is a disruptor

Australian manufacturer Glo-X has developed a range of unpowered mining safety lighting products suitable for use in emergency shelters, egress routes and other areas of mines where illumination is...

Data driven insights to shape future of mining

Using data driven insights to improve the decision-making process has been one of the biggest trends in the mining industry over the past few years. It is expected that this trend will continue to be...

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