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Revolutionising the future of High Voltage Coupler Systems

Connec's 11kVHigh Voltage Bolted Plug Test for dead

Connec was established in 2014 with a specific objective to rethink the design and manufacture of High Voltage Coupler Systems and modernize equipment that had not been upgraded for over 40 years.

Working in close collaboration with QLD/NSW Government, ACARP and the Mining Industry, several long-standing concerns with traditional HVCS technology were addressed, including:

  • Decrease risk of High Voltage ignition.
  • Reduce weight and improve ergonomics for better handling.
  • Ability to ‘test-for-dead’ without separation.
  • Increase reliability through better design.

Connec have subsequently developed a range of patented Australian made ANZEx and IECEx certified products for use with electrical apparatus in mining, oil & gas, tunnelling and other heavy industrial applications.

Manufactured using polymer instead of metal, Connec’s products are “the lightest, safest and most economical High Voltage Coupler System in the world”, enabling significant safety, time and cost advantages over legacy HVCS products. Connec equipment is available for all cable applications ranging from 1,000V through to 11,000V in either restrained or bolted configurations.

Connec’s innovation provides multiple advantages over traditional metal designs and construction; first and foremost is a reduction in the risk of injury from manual handling, facilitated by an overall weight reduction of up to 50%.

Additional benefits that relate to the electrical design and functional refinements include:

  • Improved earth integrity by encapsulating earth tubes within the power connection body so that phase earth screens are independent and continuous.
  • The use of lightweight polymer for the body construction to allow testing for dead (or live) without separating the connections.
  • Spring-loaded racking drive gear and keyway to align plug components and ensure positive racking and retention of the plug and coupler with low insertion force.
  • O-ring seals around the plug for superior IP68 moisture and dust protection.
  • Reduced termination and connection time.

Personal injuries due to the handling of cables and plugs rate amongst the top 5 manual handling injuries in the underground mining sector. The innovation of Connec’s polymer-based products delivers significant risk reduction for mining operations and coal mine workers in terms of reducing both the likelihood of the hazard occurring and the degree (or severity) of harm.

For more Information Contact Manie Swanepoel – General Manager Sales 0409 349 445 Email

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