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Otis Instruments: Wirefree Gas Detection

With their strong roots in the oil and gas industries of Texas, USA, Otis Instruments has experience and expertise backing its products. With newly acquired IECEx certification for wired and wirefree gas detection.

With products already proven in the Australian gas and drilling environments, Otis Instruments have developed a range of sensors for wirefree gas detection and technologies to cover a wide range of applications including combustible, H2S, SO2, CO, CO2, HCN and many more.

The OI-6000 gas detector utilises a wired power source and transmits either a 4-20mA signal or optional 900MHz or 2.4GHz Wirefree transmission. With the ability to include two internal relays for local alarms the OI-6000 can be situated as a stand-alone unit or part of a complete gas detection system. With the flexibility of a complete hard-wired unit or a mixture of wired and Wirefree the OI-6000 can suit a variety of situations.


When a Wirefree gas detection solution is needed the OI-6900 outperforms. With duel 3.6v internal battery capacity reducing the need for field replacement, these units can last up to 12 months using low-power IR for combustibles and 24 months using electrochemical cells for toxic gasses. With all of the sensor configurations as its wired counterpart the OI-6900 offers both 900MHZ or 2.4GHz Wirefree transmission with a range of 1.5 – 2 kms to make it a truly Wirefree gas detection.


To complement the sensor range, Otis Instruments offer a range of controllers. With both the OI-7010 and OI-7032 capable of 32 Wirefree channels with 4 wired connections, they are suitable for systems both large and small. Both include 4 fully configurable internal relays for alarms/ outputs and Modbus for external integration. The OI-7032 boasts a colour LCD with on-screen trends and USB-drive data-logging while the OI-7010 can be fitted with the Otis Link remote telemetry for remote monitoring and email notifications.


For more information on our fixed WIREFREE GAS DETECTION click here and to view the full range of Control Equipment products visit and phone 07 3481 9000 for more information.

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