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Counterfeit safety stickers found on cranes in WA and Qld

craneCounterfeit safety stickers have been found on cranes in WA and Qld according to the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA).

In a warning sent to the public last week, the Council said forged green stickers indicating that the crane had been checked and certified as safe were doing rounds on numerous building sites.

“In the last two weeks CICA has been advised of three cases of counterfeit CraneSafe ‘Green Stickers’, spotted in Western Australia and Queensland,” CICA chief executive officer Alan Marshall said. “CICA’s preliminary investigations indicate that these counterfeit cases appear unrelated.”

The CraneSafe program is a CICA initiative aimed at ensuring the safety of cranes through annual inspections carried out by third party inspectors. The program has been in operation since 2002. The voluntary program also ensures that cranes meet the required occupational health and safety standards.

The program has seen over 7000 cranes inspected every year.

According to Marshall, owners of cranes, safety inspection officers and operators should report all fake stickers to the CICA for appropriate action.

He added that the counterfeit sticker is made from low quality material, contains numerous errors and is not issued on a CraneSafe approved sticker.

Marshall also said that CICA had sought legal redress on the matter adding that the misuse of stickers was a serious offence.

“CICA takes the strong view that any unlawful breach and misrepresentation in the industry that threatens safety and the reputation of CICA members and CraneSafe users is unacceptable,” he said.

“If you come across a counterfeit CraneSafe ‘Green Sticker’ it will be wise to assume that the crane is unsafe and not compliant with Work Health and Safety Regulations including plant requirements.”

A counterfeit ‘Green Sticker’ can be readily identified by CICA due to:

– The sticker/inspection details being falsified and not registered on the CraneSafe data base
– The sticker not having been issued by CICA on a valid CraneSafe approved sticker
– The sticker being a poor or flawed copy of a valid CraneSafe ‘Green Sticker’

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