AMSJ » Damstra’s covid-19 Track, Test, Trace and Train solution for the mining industry

Damstra’s covid-19 Track, Test, Trace and Train solution for the mining industry

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For mining during these unprecedented times, it is essential to keep the workplace safe, as workers continue to work onsite, across different locations. 

For this to be a success, it is important that employers are able to test, track, trace, and train people in a scalable and anonymised manner, which means that there needs to be a scalable and tested underlying technology platform.

Damstra Technology is a global leader in workplace management solutions, and we have been working with the mining industry since 2002. Our business growth is product and innovation driven through our continuous expansion of our all-in-one platform.

Damstra’s fever detection platform

To better protect your work sites we have introduced an easy to deploy, fully integrated fever detection access solution which allows site managers to prevent potentially sick workers from infecting others.

The solution includes:

  • Swipe card scanning for worker identification 
  • Walkway with thermal imaging camera 
  • Creation of body heat map against black body image calibration 
  • Highly accurate fever detection which triggers access disablement 
  • Alerts in real time to supervisors
Damstra Covid-19 track

Damstra’s solution allows you to protect your workplace and workforce with innovative thermal fever scanning detection to identify and assess employees who have an elevated temperature and allows you to act instantly with real-time alerts that trigger triage management.

Workers and visitors identify themselves with a swipe card or by facial recognition in the protected walkway and face the thermal imaging camera, where a heat map is created against black body image calibration which is then translated into a highly accurate temperature reading.

When the person exits the walkway access rights are shown, and if the person is assessed safe to proceed access is granted, but if the person’s temperature is above the set temperature login is denied and alerts are sent to supervisors and the triage team, allowing for decisions to be made rapidly to keep others safe.

Damstra’s innovative, integrated fever detection screenings are uploaded in real-time against the individual’s profile to update QR code status and for reporting.

Damstra‘s integrated covid-19 management solution

At the base of the complete integrated 4T’s solution is the employee profile which is critical for tracking purposes, with login details (records day, time, and location), and also a movement profile which is recorded via mobile, with GPS location or terminal scanning against the same employee profile with the ability to cross reference. QR codes are used to provide easy access to critical profile information on both the web and mobile.

Damstra’s innovative, integrated fever detection screenings and the anonymised testing results of covid-19 are uploaded in real-time to the person’s profile to update QR code status and to trigger triage alerts if needed.

To quickly address any emerging hotspots, the interactions of people who have tested positive, or who have an elevated temperature, are recorded across sites. This allows the real-time identification of anyone who may have been in contact with an infected person, based on location, which in turn gives the ability to trigger geo-based alerts to stop community spread.

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