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Dangerous incident report

Dangerous incident

Summary: An empty mining haul truck was descending a ramp after rain, and the operator lost control of the truck. The truck skidded into the potential path of a loaded haul truck. The two trucks stopped approximately 12 m apart.

Recommendations to industry: Hazard: velocity/inertia of vehicles.
Risk: harm to people from collision between mobile plant.
Principle hazard management plans for Roads or other vehicle operating areas should consider factors that may affect operator visibility or ability to control a vehicle:

  • fog, sunlight, storms or dust
  • fatigue
  • slippery road conditions
  • obstructions that affect lines of sight.
  • Vehicle operating areas should have fit-for purpose barriers such as bunding or windrows to prevent uncontrolled vehicles going over embankments.
  • Drivers should be reminded to travel at speeds suitable for the conditions.

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