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Man falls inside crusher machine 

Safety Bulletin - drive shaft fire

Man falls inside crusher machine

A quarry worker in the lower North Island was seriously injured when an impact crusher was
“accidentally” started while the worker was welding inside the crusher.
Another worker had been asked to rotate the drum but pushed the wrong button and
started the crusher. The worker fell into the crusher suffering serious injuries that required
surgery and significant time off work.
This incident is identical to one that occurred in Queensland a few years ago when a worker
crushed his pelvis when the rotor on an impact crusher was accidentally started while he was
welding wear plates onto the inside of the crusher. On both occasions a worker could have suffered
fatal injuries but for a bit of luck.
Entanglement in plant is one of the four fatal hazards that result in 80% of fatalities in the
extractives sector, both in New Zealand and internationally. Only falls and collisions kill more
people than this hazard in our sector.

We recommend that all sites review maintenance and isolation procedures and practices.

You need to ensure that:
• All plant is isolated prior to commencing any maintenance on that plant
• Isolation procedures are reviewed to ensure they include the use of clearly identified
locks and that once isolated a “test for dead” is conducted to ensure there is no energy
to the plant
• Locking pins or locking bars are used, if provided, to lock horizontal shaft rotors so that
they will not spin when being worked on
• Crusher are maintained in accordance with original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
• All workers are trained, and regularly re-trained, in site isolation procedures
• Regular workplace inspections are conducted to ensure that risk controls are in place
and are effective.

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