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Dangerous Incident: Trailer

dangerous incident

Summary: During the unloading of a trailer at the processing site the trailer has rolled onto its side when the 3rd stage of the hoist ram has been reached. The truck’s cabin has lent to the passenger’s side but didn’t rollover. The dump is on the crest. There were no injuries.
Recommendations to industry: Mine operators should review the following in relation to this incident:

  • Ensure operators are trained in the use of the specific vehicle type.
  • Operators in training should be supervised according to their level of experience.
  • Communication systems such as two-way radios should be checked for correct operation during pre-start checks.
  • Truck suspension systems should be maintained and without defects to operate as intended.
  • Tipping areas should be flat or within specified limits for the truck.
  • Warning devices should be supplied for operators if the truck breeches cross grade limits.
  • Review SA04-24 Dump truck tip

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