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Efficiency Levels in Mining

Throughout the world, mining efficiency levels continue to rise. Mining safety and operations managers are utilising new technologies as well improving safety benchmarks to continuously improve a mine site’s productivity.   

With a focus on negating the threat of injury to employees and damage to light and heavy equipment, the efficient movement of materials and machinery on site as well as from mine location-to-location has become instrumental in mining safety.

Operationally, effective communication in locating and directing heavy machinery is seen as vital in improving a mine’s efficiency and reducing costs. Correct and highly visible vehicle identification as well as clear field position and destination signage not only is critical to time management (including reducing equipment down-time) but also in the prevention of potential fatal misadventures and avoiding environmental hazards.

On mine sites throughout the world, the inability to properly identify moving equipment has proven costly, and in some cases – deadly. Hanging metal signage and non-illuminated displays as well as reflective decals have been used and deemed ineffective. Extreme environmental factors such as dirt and weather conditions – which is known to cause excessive corrosion and deterioration of signage – reduce vehicle and equipment identification visibility as well as reduce a product’s lifespan. Low level lighting experienced on many mine sites also compounds visibility limitations.   

For mine operators, best mining practice has shown size appropriate illuminated identification displays provide the most effective method for the safe movement of both light and heavy equipment including graders, dozers, water trucks as well as maintenance and shuttle vehicles. Illumination, colour (red, green, blue etc) and display size is subject to viewing distance and weather inclement requirements. Ancillary equipment such as warning lights, beacons and the use of safety whips has also proven to increase mine safety operations.

Mine managers over the world – conscious of safety as well as mine productivity –  benchmark identification signage requirements against a Return on Investment. Fit out configurations (mounting options including mounting location on the equipment) as well as maintenance schedules (including power cleaning), inventory (spare parts) and labour requirements are all taken into consideration. Product lifespan and warranty length is also calculated against the bottom line.

The Driver Industrial solution?

Driver Industrial USA – manufacturer of NVIZN and Safety Whips-  is a world leading supplier of mining safety equipment. Established in 19XX in Phoenix Arizona USA, Driver Industrial is the undeniable market leader and innovator of Vehicle Identification Displays (VID) and associated safety products. Supplying and servicing more than 5000 mines worldwide, Driver Industrial products are designed and manufactured for purpose and set the benchmark standard for safe global mining operations.  

With their head office in Phoenix, Arizona USA, subsidiary offices in Canada and now in Australia, Driver Industrial CEO Chantal Berkowitz heads up an innovative and safety driven management team, manufacturing world’s best vehicle identification equipment including beacons, warning lights, safety whips as well as the company’s flagship products: LED Vehicle Identification Displays.

Branded NVIZN– demand for Driver Industrial LED Programmable, Changeable and Backlit Message Boards and Vehicle Identification Displays – is increasing throughout the mining world. Utilising leading LED technology, rapid adoption of their solely USA manufactured NVIZN products coupled with a leading warranty program (up to a 5-years manufacturer’s warranty) confirms the company’s status as an innovative market leader.

Working with mine globally developing and manufacturing custom displays for individual sites, Driver Industrial manufacture generic made NVIZN single-to-multiple digit alpha numeric displays, ranging in sizes from 9-to-64 inches. With more than 40,000 products in circulation worldwide, Driver Industrial NVIZN Vehicle Identification Displays and Message Boards are the ultimate in mining safety.  Able to withstand extreme temperate conditions and cleaning techniques such as water blasting and cannon style washing and visible at distances up to 609.6 meters, the entire Driver Industrial product range is built to outperform and outlast competitor products.

A popular exhibitor at mining expos throughout the world including AIMEX, MINEXPO and EXPOMIN, more information can be found at or contact Australian agent Chris Rosch on 0407 954 060 or email

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