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Electrical training customised for mines

Electrical Training Australia

Onsite, Customised Electrical Training, Anywhere in Australia

18 hours of training for every attendee – how does Electrical Training Australia achieve this? Travelling anywhere in Australia to deliver your custom-designed training, specific to your workplace? 

The organisation’s aim is to reduce the downtime of your workers, to assist you in mitigating your risk when it comes to compliance with the Australian electrical standards, and to make it easy for you to provide expert training to all of your electrical workers, engineers and electricians.  

Training and consulting for the nuclear facility at Lucas Heights, the Australian Synchrotron, Gladstone Ports, Echo Group (partner to Energy Australia), the Australian Department of Defence, RTO’s and TAFE’s, numerous large electrical contractors, and many other organisations, Electrical Training Australia helps you to keep your workplace safe and compliant, and to minimise the risk inherent in every electrical workplace, by continuing to raise the standards of the industry. 

Specialising in training on AS 3000 and related electrical standards in all industries across Australia.

The organisation provides expert electrical training by a Licenced Electrical Inspector, with 40 years of industry experience as an electrician at QAL and Gladstone Ports, marine and container ships, domestic, commercial, industrial and solar installation experience.

Electrical Training Australia has extensive experience as an electrical contractor in Queensland and Victoria and as a Licenced Electrical Inspector and auditor for Energy Safe Victoria.

Electrical Training Australia signed off on the connection of iconic landmarks including Station Pier and Docklands skyscrapers as well as tens of thousands of electrical installations in Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

A unique electrical training system

18 hours of training for every attendee of their live training packages is achieved by using their unique and comprehensive RAMP Training System, consisting of Review and Consultation to develop your specific worksite training requirements, Activate your Questions pre-training workbook and videos, Mastery 4 hour Live Training Intensive, on-site to reduce your downtime, and Progress and Continuous Improvement with 12 hours of in depth, follow-up electrical training videos. 

After their expert review and consultation phase, a customised training program is designed and developed specifically for your workers and site requirements, and your live intensive is delivered to your individual worksite, anywhere in Australia.

Every attendee receives individual access to the learning management system and ongoing specialist training. 

A Certificate of Completion is issued to every trainee after completion of our Live Mastery training and our Progress & Continuous Improvement follow up training, enabling you to stay updated on your workers’ training achievements. 

Holding to the values of excellence, expertise and experience, Electrical Training Australia is your perfect choice when it comes to ensuring that your electrical workers are trained to the highest standards in Australia, and when it comes to the safety, risk mitigation, and expert training requirements of your worksite and your workers. 

Contact Alan to discuss your site-specific training requirements today. 

Phone: 0499 900 225

The Unique RAMP Training System

  • Review and In-Depth Consultation to customise your training;
  • Activate your questions with Pre-training workbook and videos ;
  • Mastery of AS 3000, Changes, related electrical standards and your custom topics in your 4 hour Live Intensive, complete with workbook;
  • Progress and Continuous Improvement with 12 hours of In-Depth videos. 
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