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EMIoT – Smart technology


“Smart technology” is the integrated use of devices that communicate with one another to streamline the performance of certain tasks. This concept, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually transforming many industries and there is huge potential for mining to gain benefits as new functionality is developed.

EMIoT, developed by WBS Technology with the University of NSW, transforms facility management and compliance because wireless sensor networks are embedded in emergency lighting which establishes an Io Tnetwork.

Each exit sign or emergency light acts as a node in the network, passing information back and forth across a facility.  Other devices can be connected to the network – ventilation and pumping systems, security cameras and sensors, access doors to common areas.

The network enables connected devices and systems to be remotely monitored and controlled. Mining industry managers can utilise the data gathered by installed sensors to control lighting and air quality levels. This automated form of management reduces energy costs and provides an improved environment for employees.

WBS Technology is currently researching and developing new devices such as asset/key trackers to connect to the EMIoT network. These devices will help transform security and safety in the mining industry by allowing site managers to easily locate personnel and assets in areas with limited coverage.

Other potential applications using EMIoT include:

  • Fire detection and assessing false alarms
  • Pump system monitoring
  • Water use reporting
  • Automated locking/unlocking of doors
  • Sensor-triggered lighting

EMIoT emergency lighting upgrades require no cabling and no upfront payment.  A five year service agreement offers savings due to reduced cost of energy use and reduced time spenton testing, reporting and maintenance.

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