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Erosion control innovation

erosion control soultions for severe and minor erosion

Australian Concrete Mats (ACM) is an innovative and permanent erosion control protection solution that makes stabilising slopes, water channels, inlet/outlet protection, spillways and shorelines easy. Once laid down they start working right away! This innovative mining erosion control solution has also found application across a range of industries where erosion issues need to be addressed promptly and cost-effectively.

Engineered as an effective alternative to inefficient erosion control methods like rip rap or gabion mattresses. ACM is the quick and easy, cost-efficient, sustainable solution to severe and minor erosion issues for small to large scale projects. 

Made up of concrete shapes embedded in a high-strength polypropylene geogrid, the erosion mats are packaged in rolls to make transporting and installing them fast and efficient. The rolls are simply lifted, placed and unrolled using standard existing plant and machinery and installation can be completed in a matter of minutes with no special tools or equipment. 

The gaps between the concrete shapes provide an opening for water permeability, allow for optimal vegetation growth, or for granular backfill when laid, while giving the mats a flexible structure that conforms to ground contours and natural landscape, minimizing site preparation. 

The rolls can be supplied with a backing material that will promote or inhibit the spread of greenery, depending on your soil and conditions and site requirements. 

The vegetation layer works to cleanse pollutants from runoff before it hits waterways. In addition, the nature of the concrete mats’ structure helps aeration of the water and slowing down deluge flow, promoting water absorption into the soil where it’s needed most. Whether you’re using it to control channel erosion, for outlet protection, or stabilisation on slopes or shorelines, ACM provides hard armour protection that supports covering of grass or native plants. You are also able to mow over the concrete mats to manage vegetation. Or you can simply cut out a concrete shape to plant trees or vegetation, it works in many ways. 

Benefits of Australian concrete mats

  • Quick installation means cost-efficient project and labour costs
  • Flexible mats conform to ground contours, minimizing site preparation
  • Eco-friendly sustainable solution to severe and minor erosion
  • Gaps between concrete shapes provide water permeability and vegetation growth
  • Easy to maintain when vegetated, they can be mowed over with commercial equipment
  • Interlocking geogrid on mat edges for mat-to-mat connection and optional anchoring
  • Concrete shapes will not dislodge like rock rip rap
  • Mats can be supplied and rolled with geotextile underlay
  • Mats can be removed and reused on future sites
  • Safe for pedestrians and wildlife to walk on
  • Can be driven across safely

Applications of concrete mate to control erosion

  • Swale Drains
  • Spillways
  • Culvert Inlets/Outlets 
  • Channel or Gully Lining
  • Dam Linings
  • Vehicular Access Roads
  • Boat Ramps
  • Gentle Slopes Landscapes
  • Shoreline Protection 

Key specifications of ACM concrete erosion control mats

Australian concrete mats
  • Each concrete shape in geogrid is typically 58mm high, 160x148mm at the bottom face in a textured pyramid type shape.
  • Mat rolls are available 2.4m wide, up to 15m lengths. Made from 40 MPA concrete shapes embedded into high strength polypropylene geogrid.  
  • Rolls are supplied with or without underlay – Nutrition Geomat, Non-Woven Geotextile to suit site conditions.
  • 40mm spacing between shapes provides an opening for vegetation to grow through or granular backfill.
  • Mats are made to order for site specification and project requirements. 


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