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Fallright International

fallright international saferight provide a range of access solutions and safety training for working at heights
Fallright International / Saferight offers a range of safety training.

Fallright International / Saferight is a Nationally accredited safety training organisation (RTO) specialising in working at heights and manufacturer of height safety – Saferight harness ‘, confined space and rescue equipment.

Based in Perth Western Australia Fallright International /Saferight provides a full range of workplace safety training services from onsite risk assessments and safety audits through to rope access professionals from within Australia and globally.

In addition to running accredited training courses, the company manufactures a range of safety equipment such as the Saferight Harness for use in the workplace, including high-quality height safety equipment.

The Perth based Quality Endorsed Company (holders of ISO 9001 certification) and a fully licensed manufacturer producing full body harnesses and other products in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZ 1891.1.

Fallright International / Saferight supply high-quality safety hardware manufactured to withstand the rigours of daily use working at heights in the most demanding of environments.

What types of products are sold by Fallright International?

The company provides a range of height safety access solutions including anchor points, static lines, ladders, guard rails and walkways.
fallright international safe access systems

Where is Fallright / Saferight located?

The organisation has three centres in Western Australia including Belmont, Henderson and Tom Price.

What is the phone number for Fallright International?

1800 352 335 within Australia. Outside Australia contact +61 08 9334 1000

All of the products produced are manufactured in Western Australia, in a state-of-the-art factory.

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