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GlassTerra system supports monitoring ground

GlassTerra monitoring embankments at Mount Morgan

Queensland-based technology startup GlassTerra is collaborating with a global satellite connectivity company to conduct a pioneering proof of concept project to monitor a key embankment in real-time at Mount Morgan.  Mount Morgan is an abandoned mine managed by the Queensland Government’s Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

GlassTerra has installed one of its Internet of Things (IoT) Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensors at Mount Morgan to demonstrate the safety benefits of real-time tailings embankments monitoring. The collaboration will showcase the integration of this technology with GlassTerra’s geospatial platform and global satellite connectivity to achieve highly reliable real-time monitoring of tailings embankments.

GlassTerra Chief Customer Officer, Sophia Li, said that the combined solution will demonstrate the ability to conduct real-time monitoring of unplanned movements of the earth and other parameters, on embankments such as tailings facilities. 


“Real-time monitoring of embankments enables prompt reporting, investigation and mitigation of any changes, which can enhance safety, improve the protection of our environment and advance the social performance of the mining industry,” Li said.

It also has potential application to the 3,500 tailings storage facilities in the global mining sector. As a testament to the project’s impact, it has already assisted GlassTerra in securing a contract for real-time tailings embankments monitoring in Africa.

GlassTerra is an industry leader in creating geospatial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that monitor, in real-time, the compliance and safety of mining earthworks including tailings storage facilities embankments. We see a future where all stakeholders in a mining operation have visibility of the exact status of all earthworks at all times from anywhere. This capability will ensure mines are safe, productive and meet community expectations. This is an important step towards the ultimate goal of zero-entry mines.


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