AMSJ » Help stop the spread of COVID-19 with mobile dry fog disinfection unit

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 with mobile dry fog disinfection unit

Dry Fog Unit COVID-19

You’ve probably seen footage of spray disinfection systems being used in Europe and some parts of Asia to help fight the highly contagious COVID-19 infection. But did you know, these systems are also available here in Australia?

Using “Dry Fog” technology, the AE-T portable pneumatic humidifier by AKIMist® from Japan, will sanitise and disinfect enclosed areas up to 800m3 without causing excessive wetting of surfaces. 

The secret to its non-wetting abilities is the size of each droplet – a uniform 7.5 microns. These ultra-fine droplets won’t burst when they come into contact with surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings. This means there’s no risk of pooling, slipping or water damage.

It needs to be noted that a “Dry Fog” is different to a “Mist”. Misting systems are unable to produce such uniformly fine droplets so wetting (and therefore slip hazards) can be expected.  “Dry Fog” is ideal for use in enclosed areas.

The AKIMist® AE-T has a spray capacity of 2.4-9.6 L/hr and comes with a telescopic pole, tank, gauge-mounted pressure regulators and a mobile mounting unit. It’s simple to put the kit together. 

According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the International Air Transport Association, air and environment disinfection of airport terminals and enclosed spaces can be achieved by way of aerosol spray using 0.5% peroxyacetic acid, 3%  hydrogen peroxide or 500mg/L chlorine dioxide solutions. 

Dry fog humidification is one of the most efficient methods to achieve total coverage of these areas. The dry fog fills the air and reaches places which might be missed using normal cleaning methods. 

The AE-T portable pneumatic “Dry Fog” humidifier is suitable for sanitising shopping centres, train stations, airport terminals, sporting facilities and public toilets. In fact any indoor areas where large numbers of people congregate, creating a high risk of spreading COVID-19. The AKIMist® AE-T is also suitable for use in factories, warehouses and other large indoor spaces where cleaning and disinfecting is important all year round.

The AKIMist® AE-T is exclusively available from Tecpro Australia. To discuss the suitability of this highly efficient, enclosed area disinfection system for your application, contact Tecpro’s Technical Consultants on 02 9634 3370 or email
Since 1982 Tecpro Australia has built its reputation on the expertise, honesty and integrity of the advice it provides. Located in Castle Hill, NSW Tecpro Australia is a specialist engineering supply company. For more information, visit

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