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Hydraulic hose failure caused fire in scraper

Hydraulic hose failure

The NSW Resources Regulator has advised of a scraper fire due to hydraulic hose failure.

Summary A worker suffered minor burns when exiting a scraper after it caught fire. A hired scraper was treating wet roads when a suspected hydraulic hose failed and started the fire.  The engines automatically shut down and flames grew around the cab. The operator suffered burns to his hand when pushing the cabin door open, so he could jump free. The fire suppression system was activated from the ground and a hand-held extinguisher was used to extinguish the remaining flames.  Heat caused damage to the engine bay and inside the cab.

Recommendations to industry

Mines must control the risk of fires being started or fuelled by plant.
Mines must ensure:

  • adequate hose inspections are carried out on all hydraulic hoses near ignition points including those hard to access
  • controls are in place to prevent liquid or atomised fuels from potential ignition sources
  • exhaust lagging must be fit for purpose, be secure and provide full protection of the heat source.

Workers must be trained in the immediate response to fires on their mobile plant.

AMSJ records reveal a significant number of fires in plant (surface and underground) have been the result of hydraulic hose failures. Sites should have adequate processes in place to identify likely breakdown in hoses.

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