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Importance of good ventilation in underground mines

Good ventilation in underground mines gives the ability to remove and dilute harmful dust and gas.

The dust and gas can be a by-product of the ore being mined, explosives or machinery exhaust. Mine ventilation is provided via large intake and exhaust fans, pulling fresh air into the mine and extracting the unwanted dust and gases via internal ventilation ducts.

Volume is very important when providing good mine ventilation as it assists in managing and maintaining safe percentages of required carbon dioxide and oxygen. Temperature also effects the workings of a good ventilation system, this is generally determined by mining engineers in accordance with safety laws and guidelines, and the type of mine it is being applied to.

It is of importance to maintain good ventilation in underground mines due to the risk of fatalities,
explosions, carcinogen exposure and illness, sluggishness and low-productivity due to workers being exposed to insufficient breathable air.

Due to the cost of creating and the ongoing cost of running ventilation systems, they often get pushed to the absolute limit of their ability. It is imperative for the safety of all mine workers that good ventilation is maintained consistently in underground mining situations.


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