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Incident | Truck rolled away

truck rolled away

The NSW Resources Regulator has published a truck incident in an open cut mine. According to the report, a truck was on the workshop deadline for a defect repair. After parking the truck, the operator exited the machine and the truck rolled backwards approximately 65 metres and collided with the pump at the wash bay.

It has been identified that the parking brake had not been applied. The mine also identified that the park up hump standard had deteriorated from recent wet weather events and failed to prevent the truck from rolling away. 

To respond the incident, the Regulator said: “where the ground is contoured to make vehicles fundamentally stable, mine operators must ensure the contours are to standard as per the procedure and are remediated if required.

Park brake safety interlocks should be checked as part of pre-operational inspections and should never be used as the primary means of applying the parking brake.

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Safework NSW has reported a fatal incident where a tipper truck has rolled over a mechanic in Tumut. According to the report, a 50-year-old mechanic suffered fatal crush injuries, whilst working on the brake line of a tipper truck. The mechanic was situated underneath the truck when it rolled forward over the worker before coming to rest after colliding with another parked tipper truck.

To respond this incident, Safework NSW said, “businesses must implement ‘reasonably practicable’ control measures to manage the risks associated with uncontrolled movements (e.g. roll-aways) of vehicles, including trucks, cars, buses, vans, forklifts, tractors, mobile cranes and the like.”

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