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Injuries are a real strain on the workplace

With the end of Safe Work Australia Month approaching, Chief Executive Officer Rex Hoy is urging all Australian workers to take care and avoid the nation’s most common work-related injury – musculoskeletal disorders.

“Every day over 200 people injure their joints, muscles or tendons at work seriously enough to require at least one week off work,” said Mr Hoy.

“The impact on business is also significant – typically these workers need five weeks off work. This results in lost productivity for the organisation.

“While there may be costs associated in providing healthy and safe workplaces, the costs of not doing so are even greater.”

Injuries to the back are the most common incidents with knee and shoulder injuries closely following. These claims are most often associated with lifting or handling crates, cartons, boxes, cases, drums, kegs, barrels, cans or handling people mainly in a medical setting.

“Poor work health and safety costs our nation more than $60 billion each year. However workers and employers can work together to reduce the risk of these incidents in the workplace,” said Mr Hoy.

“Workers – take time this week to think about and correct your lifting techniques and ways to reduce strain on your body.

“Employers – take time this week to think about and if necessary make improvements to your organisation’s manual handing procedures.”

Based on their severity and frequency of these injuries the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022 (Australian Strategy) has identified musculoskeletal disorders as a priority for improvement. The Australian Strategy provides a 10 year national framework to drive improvements in workplace health and safety in Australia.

“Thank you to the record 882 people who registered this year as Safety Ambassadors,” said Mr Hoy.

“It is through your efforts of raising awareness of work health and safety that safety culture can be changed and a reduction in injuries achieved.”

To see who has registered as a Safety Ambassador in 2013 and their reason for staying safe at work visit  The Safety Ambassador of the Year will be announced this Thursday 24 October 2013 in Canberra.

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