AMSJ » Konecranes’ MAINMAN service enhances uptime, safety and maintenance efficiency for steel reinforcing leader ARC

Konecranes’ MAINMAN service enhances uptime, safety and maintenance efficiency for steel reinforcing leader ARC

Steel reinforcing specialist, Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC), is benefitting from comprehensive, time-saving maintenance programmes and enhanced safety provided by Konecranes’ MAINMAN Planned Maintenance technology.

ARC uses three cranes in its Launceston facility, with lifting capacities from 3t to 6.3t, to move heavy steel products of varying shapes and sizes, including reinforcing bars, reinforcing mesh, pipe cages and a huge range of customised fabrications. ARC’s products are used in industries as diverse as building and construction, infrastructure, civil engineering, energy and water and waste.

“Our cranes are essential to our business. Without Konecranes’ efficient and outstanding service, we wouldn’t be able to function,” says ARC Launceston Branch Manager, Ms Wendy Emanuel.

“We’ve used Konecranes right from the beginning and it’s not just the maintenance they perform that sets them apart – it’s their staff. The technicians are well-equipped, knowledgeable and polite. Their managers and support staff are easy to talk to and provide valuable feedback after a project has been completed,” she said.

With more than 600,000 pieces of lifting equipment under service contract worldwide, Konecranes is the world’s leading crane service organisation. It is constantly introducing new technologies and innovations to improve maintenance efficiency, enhance safety and minimise downtime.

MAINMAN Planned Maintenance

Konecranes’ MAINMAN Planned Maintenance service is designed to provide an in-depth picture of the condition of all cranes and related equipment, as well as routine maintenance work, such as adjusting and lubricating, with the intent of satisfying the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. This service includes a preventive maintenance inspection, visual checks, routine maintenance, and operational and functional testing of your lifting equipment.

Konecranes’ MAINMAN Planned Maintenance technology is part of its Lifecycle Care Preventative Maintenance Program, which looks at the whole life of the crane

“MAINMAN saves me a lot of time. I have easy to read reports that tell me everything about our cranes and I can pass these on directly to my manager. It also gives me peace of mind that we’re totally Standards and safety compliant. The Konecranes technology will identify the early warning signs before they become a safety risk,” says Ms Emanuel.

Features of Konecranes MAINMAN service include:

  • Paperless service and inspection reports
  • Integrated business reviews and safety reviews
  • Your a web portal that provides real-time browser-based access to equipment data and maintenance history
  • Improved safety reporting that highlights safety related issues and risks

Konecranes says that to make the best use of this innovative technology, insights can be drawn by observing anomalies, patterns and trends, helping users make fact-based decisions. Konecranes experts can assist in analysing reports and providing recommendations that help to avoid downtime.

“Using real-time data and the latest technology to automatically determine the best time to schedule maintenance is a real time-saver for busy companies who can’t afford any additional downtime,” says Konecranes.

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