AMSJ » METS companies to be backed for projects in analytics, automation and robotics

METS companies to be backed for projects in analytics, automation and robotics

METS companies are being invited to apply for projects in automation, robots
METS companies are being encouraged to apply for funding.

Industry Growth Centre METS Ignited will back collaborative projects in analytics, automation and robotics with $4m in project funding available to METS companies. 

Mining equipment, technology and services (METS) Industry Growth Centre, METS Ignited, has announced it will deliver $4million in innovation funding to companies supplying solutions to Australia’s mining industry. 

In order to be eligible for the funding, projects must be collaborative and industry-led, with clear commercialisation applications that address opportunities in analytics, automation or robotics for mining operations. 

In line with METS Ignited’s emphasis on the value of collaboration in the sector, each project must have at least three METS companies stimulating cross-pollination of ideas and skill sets. 


The funding is part of a four-year, $15.6million commitment made by the Australian Government to incentivise collaboration and address METS-mining sector priorities. This funding established the METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds, which support industry-led projects to improve the productivity, competitiveness and social performance in the industry. 

Acting CEO of METS Ignited, Ian Dover, says the funding is designed to unlock important solutions for the industry by enabling partnerships and projects to demonstrate innovation in mining operations that might not otherwise be possible. 

“Facilitating new solutions for mining challenges is part of the mandate for METS Ignited. It’s vital we support the development of influential future technologies by METS companies as this will maintain the competitiveness of Australian mining,” says Dover. 

“There are new software solutions, devices and facilities already in use across the industry thanks to this initiative. We’re looking forward to supporting the next group of applicants in commercialising their concepts.” 

Recipients of the Collaborative Project Funds are required to secure equal or greater investment from a customer. As a result, this funding is expected to generate a minimum of $8million in world-class mining technology. 

Dr Ian Dover METS Ignited
METS Ignited CEO Dr Ian Dover

Projects previously supported by the Collaborative Project Funds include: sensor technology to monitor the location of people and equipment underground; AI technology designed to emulate the role of a mineral processing expert; automated sensor detection for oversized rocks; a METS career pathway program; and a device to give more detailed information on the chemistry inside a grinding mill while it is operating. 

Potential applicants can register for a 1 August webinar held by Austmine and METS Ignited, which will give valuable insights into the application process as well as priority areas of focus. 

Further information about the funding can be found at 

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