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Mining industry on board with substance abuse program

RioTinto is one of a number of companies that have endorsed and utilised a new program to assist with substace abuse.

Sideffect Australia has developed a Substance Abuse Program aimed to educate youth about the dangers of Illicit and Synthetic Drugs. Their goal is to share knowledge of the dangers of substance abuse including Methamphetamine,  commonly known as ICE. The Australian Institute of Criminology has reported that the current drug epidemic, particularly ICE is costing Australia an estimated $4.4 billion dollars every year in health care, crime and economic losses.

Sideffect is a registered Australian Not For Profit organisation on a passionate mission to stop the tsunami of destruction hitting our youth – Illicit and Synthetic drugs Including ICE.

Rod Bridge, who was recently on 60 minutes, has been a lone crusader in his fight against drugs – there is no stronger drive to seek resolution, answers, and even revenge than a parent who has lost a child. Rod has put his own life at risk when he recently went to China to uncover the criminal manufacture of Synthetic Drugs.

Preston Bridge was a bright young 16-year-old boy died after taking a synthetic substance known as 25iNbome (synthetic LSD) whilst celebrating his year 12 school ball. Preston’s father, Rod Bridge, founded the organisation following the devastating events of his son’s death.

Sideffect aims to widely disperse an education program including an innovative presentation, personal stories, memorable graphics, and true information on synthetic drugs including methamphetamine. The side effects of this epidemic is shattering many families and communities and education and early intervention is key.

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