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National strategy to boost resources jobs

Government strategy to drive resources jobs

The release of the Commonwealth Government’s Australia’s National Resources Workforce Strategy will increase awareness across the nation about the diverse and rewarding opportunities available in Australia’s minerals and resources workforce.  

Making more people job-ready for a rewarding career in Australian mining means making more relevant and contemporary information available about career options along with access to qualifications delivered by training providers who can help meet changing industry and worker expectations.

Software and Technology to Improve Safety in Mining

Skills reform trial to fast-track more Australian mining jobs

The strategy highlights the Australian Government’s commitment to education reform, skills packages and job support which will help all Australians pursue careers in the resources sector, including through the Mining Skills Organisation Pilot (MSOP).

The MSOP is already implementing initiatives in digital transformation, apprenticeships and attraction and retention project hubs while conducting a qualifications design reform trial to help more workers get faster access to qualifications for employment in Australia’s world-leading minerals industry.

The Mining Skills Organisation Pilot (MSOP) is being delivered by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) and partners across the mining industry with support from the Australian Government.

Through the MSOP’s involvement in the trial, the Australian mining industry will ensure activities better meet industry needs and provide confidence to industry that there is a pipeline of appropriately-skilled people to fill the jobs created by mining to support Australia’s economic recovery.

An efficient, contemporary and focused vocational education and training sector is critical to supporting further job creation by Australia’s minerals sector. 

With more than one-third of the 240,000-strong mining workforce holding a Certificate III or IV qualification, improving qualification reform models is crucial for the industry.

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