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NSW Mining safety incidents this week

mining safety incident dozer rollover

The NSW Resources Regulator has provided an update on the number of mining safety incidents occurring  in the NSW Mining Industry this week. Here’s a few of the key safety incidents around the mining industry over the last week. The results are concerning. Across the New South Wales mining industry incidents are occurring almost daily.

Dozer rolls on its’ side

A dozer rolled on its side in an open cut coal mine at night. The dozer was reversing from the push at which time the left track moved over an embankment and the dozer slid backwards about 6.5 m coming to rest on the left track. The operator removed himself from the plant unassisted but suffered pain from the seat belt

Recommendations for industry

Suitable controls must be put in place to allow equipment operators to determine the safe limits of their work area. Deferring tasks to daylight hours or installing appropriate lighting should be considered when risks are present due to a lack of visibility.

Lead acid battery explodes

A lead acid battery was charged and reinstalled on a diesel fire pump. When trying to start the fire pump, it mining safety incident battery explodesexploded. The battery exploded out onto the opposite side to the worker.

Recommendations for industry

Safety bulletin SB16-02 Exploding lead acid batteries was issued previously. This bulletin must be reviewed by mines to determine if the risk is present at their operation.

Drill rig drills misfired shot

While drilling a new shot pattern, a drill rig inadvertently drilled a new hole about 300 mm from an mining safety incident redrilled shotunknown misfire in the previous shot pattern.

Recommendations for industry

The procedure for locating and mapping out blasting patterns should include controls to prevent misalignment or overlap of patterns with previously shot ground. Additionally, blasting procedures should include inspections to identify misfired holes and the logging and communication to all relevant workers the location of these misfires

You can read the full range of mining safety incidents at the NSW Resources Regulator. or search mining safety incidents on our website.

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