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Radioactive slurry spill at Ranger Uranium Mine – calls for closure

Ranger mineGovernment and Public Health Associations are calling for the Ranger Uranium Mine in the Northern Territory to be closed immediately and an investigation launched following a radioactive slurry spill on the weekend.

It’s believed up to 1.5 million litres of highly contaminated slurry escaped from a faulty leach tank at around 1am Saturday morning.

Mine operators, Energy Resources of Australia (ERA), has claimed the spill was contained and did not affect Kakadu National Park, however a spokesperson for the Gundjheimi Aboriginal Corporation – representing the local Mirrar traditional owners – has revealed that communities living near the mine no longer feel safe.

Saturday’s spill come after a series of safety breaches in recent months at the Ranger mine.

Speaking to NT News, NT Senator Nova Peris said enough was enough.

“All operations should cease and independent scrutiny should be applied to the mine’s operations,” she said.

“I am also concerned these sorts of spills and events are what would happen if we are forced to have the Muckaty nuclear waste dump imposed on us,” she said.

Dr Michael Fonda, Secretary of the NT Branch of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) has called for ERA to back up their claims the the environment had not been greatly affected.

“Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) and the Federal Environment Minister are both saying that the spill has been contained and there will be no impact to the environment.  ERA has also stated that no workers have been injured,”

“PHAA wants the evidence supporting these claims scrutinised and a reassurance that workers were not exposed to excess radioactivity and that surrounding locals will not be impacted by it.

“Ranger Uranium Mine should not resume operations – if at all – until its ageing infrastructure is found to meet strict safety standards as required by Federal regulations,” said Dr Fonda.

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  • Idiots, you can’t shut a joint down for investigation just cause a bunch of people have a bad feeling, the people working there would all be wearing radiation monitoring badges, if they start to get worried then you can get worried

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