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RCT delivers innovative solution for Barminco

RCT innovation solution
RCT delivers innovative solution for Barminco

Barminco and its division African Underground Mining Services (AUMS) have a long-standing partnership with RCT to deliver innovative solutions to overcome challenges in their mining operations.

RCT said: “Barminco and AUMS are constantly embracing new technology that will deliver value to their clients. RCT and Barminco share a long history and have worked together to deliver technology to their mining operations.”

Mining automation project | underground loaders

Improving mine development through engineering research

“The most recent innovation we have partnered together on is to eliminate transmission and engine damage of the Atlas Copco MT60-20 vehicles at an AUMS project in Burkina Faso, West Africa.”

“Together we have installed a speed limiter, engine overspeed system into the vehicles, through our collaboration it ensured a smooth installation of this new system.”

This system is used to monitor speeds both on the surface and underground to ensure safe works on declines within the mines, to ensure safety in a restricted environment, reduce damage on the engine, drive line and overall reduce damage to the machines while underground.

By installing this device, Barminco can continue to deliver safer and more productive mining operations for their clients.

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