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Rum distillers step up for COVID-19 effort

Hand sanitiser from rum distillery

Rum distillers around have risen to the task of assisting Australia’s War effort against COVID-19 by producing ethanol for use in hand sanitisers. The sanitiser will be used by frontline health staff as one of the measures for improving health and safety and preventing the spread of the virus.

Hand sanitisers reportedly use around 60% ethanol in their production. There has been a concern held in the community that Australian supplied were not sufficient to meet the needs in COVID-19 war.

Bundaberg Rum is one of the several companies that have stepped up to the task. The company has recently donated 100,000 litres of ethanol to the Queensland Government. The product will be supplied to a range of manufacturers to make around a half a million bottles of hand sanistiser.

Bundaberg rum distillery Marketing Manager told ABC News “Given the unprecedented situation we are working through at the moment we felt we had a duty to step up and help Australians.”

“We are incredibly proud of the team that are working through the night and day to be able to make the donation.

“We want to make sure we have plans in place and I can assure you that this ethanol donation will not impact the supply of rum to bottle shops around Australia.”

Other Rum Distillers engaging in the COVID-19 war effort include Newcastle’s Earp Distilling Co, Illegal Tender Rum and the Beenleigh Rum Distillery.

Business across Australia stepping up in COVID-19 war

As a contingency for an outbreak across Australia, manufacturing businesses have been called on by Government to supply critical equipment including masks and critical hospital supplies.

Queensland Manufacturing Minister Cameron Dick said he had asked companies to identify ways they could help with in-demand supplies.

“One of the sectors of our economy that’s so important to keep going is manufacturing,” he said.

“I’m working to ask companies to look at what they’re producing to see if they can change their production system so other supplies can now be produced in Queensland factories.

“We’re putting all these pieces in place and over the next little while we’ll get production going out into the Queensland community.”

“Many companies … are responding to our call to arms for manufacturers to help produce the products our frontline health workers, in particular, and other Queenslanders need at this difficult time.”

Image: Bundaberg Rum

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