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Safety-first approach for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz buses
Mercedes-Benz buses

Advanced safety, comfort and flexible operating lease options are just three of the reasons that make Mercedes-Benz buses a great option for the Australian mining industry.

Then there is the availability of engines that meet Euro 6 emission requirements, durability that Australian operators have relied on for more than half a century and a support network that will ensure your buses will stay on the road and get your people where they need to be.

Mercedes-Benz chassis and engines not only set the benchmark when it comes to safety, but also deliver the highest level of comfort for customers.

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The benefits of having the latest safety technology such as radar-based Advanced Emergency Braking, which can automatically brake for hazards and Lane Assist, which can alert a driver should they drift out of their lane, in addition the Electronic Stability Program, could not be clearer. Given the amount of focus that employers place on keeping their employees safe at the workplace, and on the way to and from the workplace, it is important to consider the best and most advanced safety features available in any bus under consideration.

Then there is the benefit of the Mercedes-Benz comfort and refinement, which enables workers to arrive at their locations well rested and ready to go.

Mercedes-Benz can also make reading financial reports a lot more comfortable. The company understands that operators may not need to own a vehicle for an extended period given the nature of the mining industry and the need for flexibility.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is able to provide a tailored solution that is best suited to the needs of the customer, including the popular operating lease option.

Here’s what Buslink VIVO had to say about op-leasing some Mercedes-Benz buses. “Having the ability to simply return the vehicles at the end of the project’s life, while at the same time knowing exactly what each monthly repayment will be, allowed the operation to accurately plan assets, and know up-front the investment we were making for the duration of the vehicle’s life with us – including service and repair costs.”

The purchase options for Mercedes-Benz bus models include: Flexible finance and leasing terms from 12 months up to 10 years, a wide range of finance products, fixed interest rates, no ongoing monthly fees and structured payments with tailored repayments to suit the customer’s cash flow.

An operating lease enables operators to fully manage the bus without having to purchase it outright. The bus is leased to the customer for an agreed period with vehicle operation expenses fully covered in the agreement. The monthly payments will be calculated based on the total kilometres the customer wishes to cover and the length of the agreement. This provides a low risk solution to running the bus, complete with a low initial outlay, maintenance cover and control over the bus at the end of the agreement.

Another financial benefit of operating a Mercedes-Benz bus comes from their proven total operating costs.

Mercedes-Benz buses feature powertrains with extended maintenance intervals, engines that deliver lower fuel consumption and chassis frames designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment. The engines have proven outstanding durability on outback roads, with some operators reporting odometer readings in excess of 2 million km without any issues.

But what happens if something does go wrong?

From Golden Grove to Broken Hill, the comprehensive network of Mercedes-Benz bus- specific customer service and technical support teams are committed to keeping customers on the road. This includes more than 40 authorised service and parts centres across Australia, situated in both metropolitan and rural areas. Here is what Sodexo Group says: “In the unusual event that there is a mechanical issue with one of the buses, the service and support provided is second-to-none.”

Mercedes-Benz 0500RS and 0500RF models are available with bodies from industry-leading local body builders, who have a long track record of producing bodies that are perfectly suited to unique Australian conditions.

Customers can also choose from two different engines, while there are also options of two engine sizes and multiple transmission options.

The engines include the OM457 12-litre six-cylinder engine best known for its long proven durability and performance and the reliable 7.7-litre OM936, which is setting new standards for fuel economy and low emissions.

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