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Safety Upgrades Finished On Great Northern Highway

Safety Upgrades Finished On Great Northern Highway

One of Western Australia’s most notorious mining roads is now safer with the completion of safety upgrades to an 11 kilometre section of the Great Northern Highway.

Traffic re-opened yesterday on the new section of upgraded road between Bindi Bindi and Lyons East Road.

Western Australia’s Assistant Minister for Infrastructure Jamie Briggs said the Bindi Bindi project was completed on time and on budget.

“Upgrading this major freight and tourist route to a world class standard is essential to keeping motorists’ safe, supporting economic growth and driving further investment in the Western Australian mining, oil and gas industry.

“This section of the highway is part of the main link between Perth and Darwin and has recorded a number of fatal head-on collisions in recent years, giving it a notorious safety record.

Western Australian Minister for Transport Dean Nalder said the works included a new rail crossing and more overtaking lanes.

“The completion of the work means that we can increase the speed limit on this stretch from 80 to 110 kilometres an hour, which will undoubtedly be welcomed by freight operators in general and tourists heading north for the upcoming winter season.

“The project will improve safety on this stretch of road and provide increased efficiency for vehicles as a result of fewer delays. Road users can also expect improved reliability with more consistent and predictable travel times.”

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