AMSJ » Sandvik introduces Top Hammer XL for large hole size drilling

Sandvik introduces Top Hammer XL for large hole size drilling

Sandvik introduces Top Hammer XL, a fully optimized top hammer system for large hole size drilling in surface mining

Top Hammer XL is the latest innovation in surface top hammer drilling from Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. The new, groundbreaking drilling system, targeting large-scale quarry and surface mining customers, offers a faster, more fuel-efficient and more cost-effective way to drill holes 140 to 178 millimeters (5.5 to 7 inches) in diameter. The components of the system – a new Pantera™ DP1600i drill rig, new RD1840C rock drill and new LT90 rock tools – are all optimized to work together seamlessly for exceptional drilling results.

Sandvik DL422iE fully automated top hammer longhole drill

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Higher productivity – lower fuel consumption

Sandvik is challenging the industry by introducing a groundbreaking top hammer drilling innovation that offers the benefits of top hammer drilling technology as a viable alternative to down-the-hole (DTH) drilling, on a much larger scale than before. The Top Hammer XL drilling system expands the hole size range of top hammer drilling to up to 178 millimeters (7 inches) and provides a faster and more fuel-efficient drilling method. It is part of Sandvik’s commitment to use engineering and innovation to make the shift that will drive safer and more sustainable business. In addition to excellent drilling results, it offers an effective solution to reduce fuel consumption and, ultimately, CO2 emissions. This more fuel-efficient yet productive drilling method can help Sandvik customers grow their business in a more sustainable way.

A fully optimized system

The heart of the Top Hammer XL system lies in Sandviken, Sweden, and Tampere, Finland, where all the components have been designed and manufactured. They work seamlessly together and provide smooth operation and a highly productive system with optimum drilling results. “A key asset of the Top Hammer XL drilling system is that all three main components – the drill rig, rock drill and rock tools – have been reviewed, redesigned and mutually optimized,” says Jukka Siltanen, Product Line Manager, Rock Drills at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

Proven efficiency that makes a difference

The efficiency of the new Top Hammer XL drilling system stems from the three components. The proven carrier offers a solid base for the extremely powerful rock drill that generates an optimum pulse for the effective tooling system, which in turn transfers the high-energy shock wave with minimum losses to the rock. The Top Hammer XL system has been thoroughly tested and proven in several field tests by drilling more than 100,000 meters in challenging rock conditions. The test results in the given conditions show a 50 percent reduction in fuel consumption, 25 percent reduction in total drilling costs and 15 percent increase in productivity compared with the DTH drilling method.

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