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On The Spot Fines Authorised For Asbestos Removal In NSW

On the spot fines by WorkCover NSW

On-the-sport fines of up to $3,600 can now be issued by WorkCover NSW for businesses doing unlicensed asbestos removal work.

WorkCover’s Work Health and Safety Division’s executive director Peter Dunphy said the company will do everything to stop the workers and residents being exposed to the deadly substance.

“In NSW there are rigorous legal and safety requirements for the management of asbestos,” Mr Dunphy said.

“Any business or individual that commissions the removal of asbestos must ensure the work is done by a removalist who is appropriately licensed by WorkCover NSW.

“From today, we have strengthened asbestos safety laws, giving WorkCover NSW inspectors the power to issue penalty notices which include on the spot fines to individuals and businesses that engage unlicensed asbestos removalists or fail to notify WorkCover of licensed asbestos removal work.

Fines for breaking the rule range from $720 to $3,600 for business and individuals.

Mr Dunphy said the powers will ensure licensed work is carried out safely in NSW, so the risk of exposure is minimised.

“Asbestos can be found in any property built or renovated before 1987 and one in three Australian homes are believed to contain asbestos,” he said.

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 currently control asbestos work in NSW.

“To make it easier for businesses and home owners commissioning asbestos removal work, we’ve published a database on the WorkCover website of licensed asbestos removalists across the State,” Mr Dunphy said.

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