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Storage, Access and Handling Equipment – Time to save

storage access and handling equipment can reduce risk of injury and work illness

An innovative Australian company has developed a range of storage, access and handling equipment that improves safety and health and reduces injuries in mining.

With a significant proportion of manual handling injuries originating from inadequate storage or handling of equipment, effective tools for storage access and handling are critical to minimising injury. According to Safework Australia, in 2017-18, Lifting, pushing, pulling or bending is the most common way persons experienced their work-related injury or illness, with 24% of Australia’s 500,000+ injuries originating from these conditions.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics report (6324.0 – Work-Related Injuries, Australia, Jul 2017 to Jun 2018) highlighted that sprain/strain was also the most common injury sustained (28%), followed by Chronic joint or muscle condition (18%).


The right storage access and handling equipment will reduce injury

The importance of effective manual handling programs and the right equipment to assist workers cannot be understated.

Backsafe Australia, a family owned and operated business with locations throughout Australia,  provide a broad range of solutions for safer work environments and have extensive experience in managing storage, access and handling equipment challenges in the mining sector.

Backsafe say “Our focus on innovative workplace systems and effective, fit-for-purpose equipment, provide you with the resource needed o get the job done – safely.”

Backsafe is currently offering a range of savings on excess stock holdings of WERKS® Storage Cages, STURGO® access equipment, Handling Machines and Trolleys, with discounted pricing until 30 June 2019.

“Extensive experience with clients in the mining industry has provided us with an insight into what works best in Australia’s harsh working environments. Along with our proven product range, we provide custom solutions for unique site challenges, keeping ahead of the game with innovative technologies.

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