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Electric autonomous transport to be demoed at Volvo CE’s Eskilstuna

Electric autonomous transport to be demoed by Volvo CE

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is distinguishing itself in the construction equipment industry by building the world’s first test and demonstration area for electric autonomous transport...

remote operating centres in mining

The Rise of Remote Operating Centres in mining

The spread of COVID-19 has seen many organisations globally embrace ‘remote work’ as a way of keeping personnel safe during these unprecedented times. Automation and Remote Operating Centres (ROC)...

Sandvik Automine for trucks

Sandvik introduces autonomous ramp haulage

Sandvik is seeking to revolutionise autonomous ramp haulage with the introduction of Sandvik AutoMine® for Trucks that will improve safety and efficiency in underground to surface tipping. The system...

haul truck runs over light vehicle

Haul truck runs over light vehicle

A mining accident investigation is underway at the Brockman 4 iron ore mine in the Pilbara after an autonomous haul truck ran over a light vehicle during a maintenance activity. Reports say that an...

BMA automation of haul trucks at Goonyella Riverside mine

BMA announces automation at Queensland coal mine

BMA Automation Becomes Reality...BMA has announced today that they will automate 300 jobs at its’ Queensland Goonyella Riverside mine through the autonomous conversion of 86 Komatsu trucks in...

Scania AXL fully autonomous mining truck

Scania introduces a fully autonomous mining truck

Scania has launched its latest fully autonomous mining truck that’s designed to improve safety and productivity on mining and quarrying sites. It’s meaner, greener and leaner than...

Komatsu South Flank Project

Komatsu South Flank project

Komatsu has announced the deployment of an unprecedented 41 new model Komatsu 930E-5 ultra-class haul trucks, made autonomous ready, at BHP’s new South Flank iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of...

Caterpillar autonomous solutions to improve safety in mining

Caterpillar autonomous applications to improve safety

Mining operations must balance challenges – increasing efficiency and productivity and machine uptime while reducing costs and boosting operator safety. Autonomous applications could be the answer...

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