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draeger interlock

Safeguarding assets and staff from impaired operation

Heavy vehicle operation is a high-risk industry, and with so many professional drivers travelling alongside other staff and members of the public, safety is of paramount importance in fleet...

Drager Quick Fill

Quick Fill breathing air for a rapid response

In extended time-critical situations, such as rescue or escape with breathing apparatus, there needs to be a plan to efficiently manage the availability of breathing air. At Dräger, we are constantly...

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Smart asset management – Dräger Rental Robot

Improving operational processes whilst controlling asset compliance. Want to know where your electrical equipment is? Want to keep track of your equipment going underground? To achieve smart...

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The importance of fit testing

When it comes to respiratory protection equipment, your health is top priority. Dräger masks and filters effectively protect against particles and gases in the ambient air. While a quality mask is...

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Oral-fluid drug testing: Are you fit for work?

The implementation of an appropriate and effective drug testing policy and procedure can sometimes be controversial. Currently, the debate about oral-fluid testing versus urine testing is a hot topic...


Breathe Easier For Longer

Every operation is different and so are the responder’s equipment requirements. No matter how strong, tall or short the responder is, the equipment needs to fit everyone. It not only affects the...

intrinsically safe powered air purifying respirator

Intrinsically safe powered air purifying respirator

The new Dräger X-plore 8700 (EX) powered air purifying respirator can be operated in potentially explosive atmospheres in zones 1, 2, 21, and 22. As a further addition to the existing X-plore 8000...

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