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Smart asset management – Dräger Rental Robot

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Improving operational processes whilst controlling asset compliance.

Want to know where your electrical equipment is?

Want to keep track of your equipment going underground?

To achieve smart operational processes, businesses need smart systems in place. To enable staff to operate as efficiently as possible, their equipment must be ready when they are. With the Dräger Rental Robot, you get an automated warehouse to manage your safety equipment. From the dedicated compart­ments and operating system, it reliably supplies each registered user with the right safety and consumable equipment – when you need it and close to the place of use. After usage, the safety equipment is returned to the compartment for re­charging, checking or maintenance.

You benefit from the following in your daily operations: 

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  • Authorised Access – Only trained staff can access equipment, therefore ensures equipment is used as per the IFU and site standards. Integrate with existing plant ID cards.
  • Traceability – Keep track of inventory via RFID/Barcodes. E-mail notification on availability, status and mainte­nance of devices.  Notification of device status at each return and which user made the return.
  • Available 24 Hours – Lock-secured storage including power-free emergency release. Locking of devices in the compartment if maintenance is due.
  • Added Functionality – Charging of devices in each compartment is possible so the fleet is always ready for action.
  • Modular System – Available in a range of sizes and configurations. Storage of work-specific equipment combinations (sets) can be positioned in one compartment.

The tamper-proof operating terminal allows the user to select what equipment they need and records what they have accessed and when. The integrated register identifies users and devices quickly and smoothly to fast track the supply process. The Rental Robot only hands out stored equipment to authorised users who have been registered in the system in advance. You can assign access to single and multiple pieces of equipment individually to each authorised person. Identification takes place via barcode, RFID ID card or tags. Existing codes on material and plant ID cards can be integrated at any time. Each user must report the state of the device when returning it. The system blocks devices that have been reported defective or require maintenance from being handed out again. Contaminated, heavily soiled equipment or unknown items can be returned separately in a dedicated drop box.

By adding smarter asset management solutions to your business operations, you can improve operational processes whilst controlling asset compliance.

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