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Fatigue management for truck drivers heavy vehicle research

Fatigue management for truck drivers | Top tips

Fatigue management for truck drivers is an important element of keeping our roads safe. While the mining industry has largely implemented a range of fatigue management strategies, truck drivers on...

fatigue risks long working hours

Research finds links between long hours and risk

A US researcher has found that working a shift longer than 9 hours was associated with a 32% increased risk of an injury resulting in death and a 73% increased risk that an incident would cause...

going to bed late - work performance affected

Night owls have lower brain connectivity

‘Night owls’ – those who go to bed late and then get up later – have significantly lower functional connectivity in the brain, slower reaction times, and may struggle with a standard 9-5 workday...

ammonium nitrate trucking

Government sues ammonium nitrate trucking company

The Queensland State government has commenced an action against an ammonium nitrate trucking company for almost $8 million in damages following a road train explosion in 2014 near Charleville. The...

Fatigue Monitoring

Fatigue monitoring technology for NVHR

The Federal Government and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) are investing in new field trials to test driver fatigue monitoring technologies which can enhance heavy vehicle safety outcomes...

fatigue management

Roadblocks combat fatigue management

WorkSafe WA is conducting a series of roadblock exercises to assess levels of compliance with fatigue management and related laws, and recently participated in a joint roadblock operation undertaken...

Kimberly Clark - Heat Stress

Study: PPE protects workers against fatigue

While the days are getting shorter and the nights are growing colder, the risk of heat-related illnesses striking mine workers remains. A new whitepaper by Kimberly Clark, Burning out: How fighting...

A former coal mine worker is suing Anglo

CQ miner seeks $2.5m after horrific crash

A Central Queensland mine worker is suing three companies for $2.5 million after receiving brain damage in a car crash. Norwich Park machine operator Harold Kerle was driving home to Monto from a...

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