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Stuart Vaccaneo

Former industry safety & health rep speaks out

A former mining Industry Safety & Health Rep (ISHR) has spoken out after his evidence being rejected by the Queensland Coal Mines Inquiry. Stuart Vaccaneo said in an exclusive interview with...

toughest mine safety and health system

Mine safety regulator’s ineffective systems

The Grosvenor Mine explosion has begun to unravel some interesting facts about the State of Queensland’s mining safety regulator. As I watched the inquiry unfold yesterday, I was truly shocked...

mine safety inquiry blocked

Board of inquiry begins marred by controversy

A controversial board of inquiry into mine safety incidents at the Grosvenor and other underground coal mines may be off to a shaky start after it has been revealed today that at least one of the...

the Queensland Government approach to mine safety

Government approach to mine safety an ‘insult’

The Queensland Shadow Minister for mine safety says that the Queensland Government’s approach to mine safety is an insult to workers in the resources sector after further delays to reports on...

Black Lung

Inquiry hears horrors of black lung disease

A North American expert in black lung has revealed at an inquiry the deadly disease is still killing Queensland coal miners even though authorities thought it was non-existent. United States black...


WA Government “abandons” FIFO workers

The West Australian government has been accused of abandoning fly-in fly-out workers after it refused to establish the recommendations in a state inquiry into the mental health impacts of FIFO. The...