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BHP Olympic Dam

BHP Olympic Dam maintenance support by Boom Logistics

Boom Logistics Limited (ASX:BOL), today (6 May 2021) announced that it has been awarded a new contract at BHP Olympic Dam to support a major smelter shutdown project commencing in August 2021. BHP’s...

Maintainer stuck under cab

Contract maintainer pinned under a cab

The NSW Resources Regulator has published advice for miners following a contract maintainer being pinned under a cab at a Limestone mine near Tamworth in NSW (See the original report here). The...

Lifting incident involving a loader axle assembly for a mine loader

Lifting Incident | Loader Axle

A recent lifting incident involving a loader axle assembly has highlighted the requirement for the effective assessment of lifting methods during maintenance operations. According to the Minex NZ...

hydraulic accumulator

Hydraulic Accumulator Near Miss

DMIRS WA has issued a safety alert highlighting the dangers of work with pressurised hydraulic accumulators. In May 2018, workers were exposed to potentially serious or life threatening injuries when...

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