Ron Selig free falls from roof

Tributes flow after mining celebrity suffers fatal fall

Colleagues, loved ones and fans are reeling from a workplace tragedy in Queensland. Ron Selig reportedly tried to repair a storm damaged workshop roof and free-fell to the ground on 26 November 2022...

Cosmo truck explosion

Blasting goods exploded, propelling truck shrapnel 1km

Part of a heavy vehicle carrying hazardous chemicals burst into flames and became airborne for a great distance. An investigation found a 25 kg piece of shrapnel from a road train recently flew 800...

Glencore coal

Industry spent up to $1B on Qld business says report

Queensland’s resources sector contributed to the economy well beyond the billions of dollars in royalties and taxes generated for both state and federal governments. A Queensland Resources...

Komatsu driverless trucks

Mining jobs will be automated says industry

More resources workers will work with autonomous technology in the not-too-distant future, a report found. Mine employees with experience in driverless, remote-controlled and smart machinery will be...