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safety warning signs communicate hazards

Sign of the mines | Warning signs

“The physical appearance of the safety warning may inadvertently communicate hazard severity.”  There’s much more to creating effective warnings than choosing the right colour, size...

Hi-Vis Group safety signs and LED Signs

Hi-Vis Group | A safety sign specialist

The Hi-Vis Group has been a leader in the provision of safety signs, LED signs and related safety products and services to the Mining Sector for over 40 years.  The Group is committed to saving lives...

confined space

Confined space access risks

Throughout Australia each and every year confined space deaths continue to occur despite concerted efforts by Government regulators, safety and engineering professionals. Unfortunately, statistics...

Safety-Dave FEATURED

The importance of being mindful

“WORKER REMINDED TO PAY MORE ATTENTION IN THE FUTURE…” It’s such a classic problem within safety right?  People just can’t seem to be able to pay enough attention. This must be the case based...

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