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Hi-Vis Group | A safety sign specialist

Hi-Vis Group safety signs and LED Signs

The Hi-Vis Group has been a leader in the provision of safety signs, LED signs and related safety products and services to the Mining Sector for over 40 years. 

The Group is committed to saving lives through the introduction of innovative technologies to solve the innate safety issues with mine sites across the country. 

The organisation’s driving philosophy that ‘everybody deserves to arrive home safely”.

The product range has been designed and refined over the last 40 years specifically for the heavy-duty environmental conditions on mine sites across Australia and Asia-Pacific. 

The H-Vis Group have established relationships and vendor numbers with most major mining companies and sites throughout the country providing innovative & customised solutions to optimise safety throughout your site. 

The Hi-Vis Group is a company with a reputation for innovation, high-quality products and service. We supply to both surface and underground operations, having worked closely with major mining companies BHP, Rio Tinto, Centennial Coal, Glencore, Yancoal, Xstrata, Vale, Anglo American + others. 

The company also works with an abundance of suppliers working directly into mine sites across the country. Their experience, knowledge and a team of engineers to assist with unique and specific requirements is second to none. 

Hi-Vis Group supplies a range of reflective and highly visible LED signage for vehicles, haul trucks, and site signs. 

Major reasons to choose Hi-Vis Group for all your mine safety & signage related products. 

What are the major reasons to choose the Hi-Vis Group?

Experience – with over 40+ years behind us in the provision and development of mine specific products – many are trademarked products such as Reflectaline®
Warranty – offering up to 12 years warranty on our signage and related products through our Platinum Partner status with 3M 
Performance – guaranteed performance under the harshest of conditions of the mining environment.
Innovation – we are constantly striving to design new and better ways of solving your unique site issues and problems.

Significant investment into new technology research and development has resulted in many  of our products being designed to be more highly visible to alert drivers earlier of oncoming vehicles by better identifying vehicles with LED truck numbers or by delineating intersections with our range of LED Stop Safety Sign and Vehicle Activated warning signs.  

The Group’s LED signs in situ are having a significant impact on road user compliance and speed reductions.  Flashing lights alert drivers in time for them to alter their driving behaviour before hazards become present. 

These signs can be solar powered for remote locations, include radar and number plate recognition where required. A full analytics dashboard is available via a web interface to report on GPS location [where there are multiple locations], weather conditions, power usage.  All our LED signs are functional 24/7 in all weather conditions and are operated via Hi-Vis Group developed proprietary software systems with direct feedback to mine sites via a web portal. 

Download the Hi-Vis Group LED brochure here

Download our Mining brochure here

For further information on our product range please contact us on 1300 857 500 or contact

Hi-Vis Group provides a full range of safety products & safety signs related to both surface and underground environments

  • Haul Road & Intersection Signage 
  • Vehicle Activated LED signs 
  • LED Blast Boards & LTI Boards 
  • Large Format Digital Screens
  • Drill & Blast  
  • Custom Printed Pyramids
  • Delineation 
  • Traffic Cones – all colours, over 6 sizes, custom printed
  • Wayfinding & Directional Signage 
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Solar Warning Beacons
  • Undergrounds Tags and Streamers 

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