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Training and assessment software solutions

Training and assessment software solution provided by TUTIS

For many mining organisations and their service providers Skillset, Assessment and Authorisation management is a wild problem. By having the right training and assessment software solution, mining organisations can increase compliance and effectively reduce costs. Tutis has the industry’s leading solution.

Taming skillsets, assessments and authorisations

With a workforce that is large, many different competencies are required. Competencies expire and need refreshing at differing intervals particularly when workforce turnover is high and/or sites use a large proportion of contractors.

Additionally, across the resources sector, a considerable component of work is in hazardous or complex environments. Work areas are constantly changing as new areas open-up or as existing areas need major (shutdown) maintenance.  

Having a workforce that is capable, authorised, and assessed as competent to complete their work safely and efficiently, is an important asset to any large organisation. So is ensuring compliance with industry standards and State legislative requirements.

Further to these challenges is the rapid pace of change in the mining industry.  These changes include technology, mining practices, competence and compliance requirements.

Tutis focuses on these wild problems by providing a holistic workforce compliance solution designed to seamlessly integrate with systems typically used across the mining industry.  As such Tutis integrates with ERP HR systems, external safety systems, LMS and gate access systems.  

The Tutis training and assessment software solution incorporates many innovations (e.g. direct integration to the national skills standards database for easy mapping to assessments, online/offline tablet-based assessments, functionality for reviewing competency currency refreshers etc.), configurable rules-based messaging, workflow and automation.

The core of the Tutis solution is the Assessment-Authorisation-Access Permission functionality, this provides the integrity and reliability to properly control compliance and site access. It also supports skillset management; training management; and it has its own Learning Management System (LMS) or can integrate with an LMS of your choice.

Tutis has two training and assessment software solutions and also provides consulting advice, enablement/implementation of the solutions and end-user training.

Tutis training and assessment software solutions deliver compliance

TUTIS_Enterprise solution is a workforce compliance solution for large enterprises such as mining companies. It is a cloud-based software solution with features across multiple business functions designed for enterprises. Features include on-boarding of staff and contractors, skillset management, Assessments mapped to national standards, Learning Management, full training records management, and Paperless Authorisation and Access.

TUTIS_Train solution is training compliance solution for training providers (eg RTOs). It is a cloud-based software solution with features across the business functions such as training, e-learning, assessment and reporting activities. TUTIS_Train is a single, integrated TMS, SMS, CRM, RPL, LMS, Assessment and Reporting software solution. Reporting includes AVETMISS and RAPT compliance reports and configurable dashboards.

Tutis On-boarding Managed Service is a remote, pre-site on-boarding service which Tutis operates for you by doing the data entry, enquiry, evidence review and collection, assessment, reporting and administration functions for you using TUTIS solution to ensure staff and contractors arrive on-site compliant and available to work.

To help keep across these changes and the opportunity to meet participants in the industry, Tutis is exhibiting at the Queensland Mining Industry Health & Safety Conference at The Star Gold Coast from 18 to 21 August 2019. 

If you are attending the conference please visit us, we will be at Exhibition Booth 48.  

Let the Tutis managed services team help take the complexity out of the operational side of skillset and training compliance management.

Our team members are experienced in managing all administrative aspects of onboarding and assessments, plus are Subject Matter Experts (SME) in using the Tutis software products.

For assistance with training and assessment software solutions and ‘taming your skillset, assessment and authorisation challenges’ contact Chris at

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