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Winter Eye Safety For Outdoor Workers

Winter eye safety is just as important as preventing UV exposure in summer…According to the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks, outdoor workers are three...

Sun protection and sun safety are key issues for work health and safety

Sun safety | It’s time to get serious

Sun safety is now an important part of any good health and safety program. Joanne Crotty from Danger Sun Overhead knows the first-hand impact of sun-related skin cancer in her life. She shares some...

sun protection for miners can help avoid skin cancer

Here comes the sun | Keeping an eye out for skin cancer

Have you got your sun protection? With summer almost upon us, the Cancer Council delivers a timely reminder about the dangers of too much UV exposure and explains what to look for when checking for...

New Research Shows Men Ignoring Sun Safety Message

New Research Shows Men Ignoring Sun Safety Message

New research from the Cancer Council has found that Australian men are increasingly ignoring sun safety warnings, with 18 per cent getting sunburnt on the weekends. The findings from the National Sun...

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